Europeans are sauce eaters. It's within our genes, can’t do much about it. Usually, these sauces are unhealthy. But what if we could eat as much sauce as we’d like, without damaging our own body with it? And with that, also increase our vegetable percentage in a more tasty way? Well, then we’ve got just the right solution for you: légumaises! These delicacies with limited % rapeseed oil - one of the healthiest oils you can get, by the way - are made based on cooked vegetable mixes, each time with a distinct taste from the others. You can eat them cold, but you can also warm them up. It is not without reason that the "Space" légumaise Périgord received a 10+ during the tasting table of all astronauts / cosmonauts !! As of now, they do also exist in a BIO version! Are you interested?