boutique agency for strategic PR and content creation

manley creates and distributes the content that helps companies grow, via smart communication strategies that get results.

Our clients are major innovators on the national and international stage, representing all major sectors including energy, healthcare, biotech, proptech, legal, mobility, logistics, food and more.

Our name stems from the world’s most revered audio compressors. Because compression is a silent but indispensable force. One that lies at the crossroads of technology and creativity, adding definition and balance to vocal and instrumental recordings. Just like your ideal PR partner: the invisible force that adds substance to your voice and expertly amplifies it before broadcasting it to the world. Making the smallest nuance audible and making sure every word has maximum impact.

manley is built for the world of today; far removed from bureaucracy and overhead. Focused on people, forward-thinking, sustainable ideas and their concrete implementation. And founded on the values of openness, transparency and inclusivity.