Call! Your company or organisation on WE’RE SMART TV - CANALZ?

We're Smart is looking for companies or organisations that carry the We're Smart Mission Statement in their hearts and would also like to appear on Belgian television with this with their own customised report of 2:30 minutes. The third season of "The Kitchen Table" will start at the end of April 2024 and run for 10 weekends nationally on KanaalZ & CanalZ. In season 2, each episode reached around 1 million unique viewers.

Mission Statement We’re Smart®

Are you looking for restaurants where fruit and vegetables are the main event? If so, our We’re Smart® Green Guide is just what you need. We aim to bring together people and organizations that share a healthy, ecological and sustainable attitude, be it in the food sector or elsewhere. Our goal is to accelerate the global transition from animal to plant based, and from harmful to healthy food, all through the irresistible force of human nature; our appetite. Why? By enabling and encouraging people to make better food choices, we create a healthier and better future for all. We’re Smart, serving the future of food.

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Watching season 1 & 2

De keukentafel
The kitchen table
La table à manger