The Green Spoon Series I A Chef's Journey: Ricky Saward's Dance of Sustainability & Vegan Artistry

About Ricky Saward

Ricky Saward is a German chef, entrepreneur, and cookbook author. He is the head chef and partner at the Seven Swans restaurant in Frankfurt am Main, which received the Discovery Award 2022 for Gemany by We're Smart. Seven Swans is a 5 radishes restaurant and ranked 31st in the We're Smart TOP 100 of Best Vegetable Restaurants World.

Life and career:

Once completing his cooking apprenticeship in 2008, Saward worked for two years at the Hilton Vienna in Vienna. He then moved to Sydney, Australia. There he spent a year cooking at Luke Mangan's Glass Brasserie under chef Joe Pavlovic. In 2013, Saward cooked in New Zealand as part of the Young Chef Exchange Program. Among others in Merediths and Clooney (Auckland), RATA (Queenstown), Logan Brown (Wellington). Back in Germany, he moved to Frankfurt am Main where he worked in various renowned restaurants before taking up the position of Executive Chef at Seven Swans restaurant in 2018.

Saward's unique, sustainable philosophy made him famous in 2019. Radical, regional, seasonal cuisine based on the motto "farm to table" and "root to leaf" with vegetables and herbs from our own permaculture, the Braumannswiesen in Bad Homburg. He dispenses with products from overseas, meat substitutes and any spices. Conservation of resources such as water, paper and plastics play a major role here. Organic waste is returned to the field and composted.

In mid-2019, Saward decided to give up animal products completely and to focus more on products from their own cultivation and from the region. 

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