Greenyard joins forces with The Vegetables Chef® and We're Smart World to promote and innovate for healthy and sustainable diets​

Greenyard, a leading global fruit and vegetable supplier, signed a five-year partnership with We’re Smart, the world’s foremost culinary reference for fruit and vegetables. For the next five years, both companies will further accelerate the active promotion of sustainable and healthy eating, through the pure power of plants. They will join forces to encourage consumers around the world to make smarter food choices and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. In their joint ambition to accelerate the transition towards healthier diets for all, they will support consumers by, amongst others, sharing easy to create pure-plant food experiences through a variety of channels as well as collaborating on pure-plant food innovations in the coming years.

Greenyard press-release
Greenyard press release

Inspiration and innovation: helping people towards healthier diets
The five-year collaboration will involve a series of initiatives focused on promoting the use of fruit and vegetables and reducing food waste. We’re Smart will provide its internal expertise and access to its global network of pure-plant food experts to jointly develop new products for Greenyard’s customers that meet consumer needs regarding pure-plant foods. Such as: easy to prepare, convenient, great quality and taste. 

“The time is now, as the world is accelerating the transition towards a healthier and more sustainable food system. Pure-plant food experiences, close to the original crop and based on the natural power of fruit & vegetables are the only way forward for people and planet,” said Hein Deprez, founder and co-CEO of Greenyard. “Our partnership with We’re Smart is an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with a like-minded organisation committed to promoting healthy, sustainable, and ecological food choices. By combining our expertise in vegetable cuisine and sustainable food, we will inspire consumers to make smarter food choices, while reducing their own carbon footprint.”


Partnering for a healthier future
We’re Smart, founded by The Vegetables Chef® Frank Fol, recognises and promotes individuals, restaurants, and businesses that prioritise fruits and vegetables in their cuisine. Greenyard’s partnership with We’re Smart supports the company’s mission to promote healthy, convenient and sustainable food options. As one of the official SDG Voices for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, We’re Smart’s contribution to nurturing a better world aligns perfectly with Greenyard’s commitment for a healthier future.

Frank Fol, the founder of We’re Smart, commented: “Fruit and vegetables have never been higher on the agenda, whether it is in the debate on our climate or on our health. It is only logical that We’re Smart and Greenyard join forces. Greenyard is a global leader in pure-plant foods, reaching millions of consumers with healthy, tasty and convenient products every day. Together, we now hope to inspire even more chefs, consumers at home, food start-ups and food service providers to put fruits and vegetables at the centre of their cuisine. Together we will further grow the role of pure-plant foods for people around the world. We will continue to bring a creative and attractive offering to the market, and thus create a more sustainable and healthier world.”


First initiative launched today, more to follow

  • Today, Greenyard launches a new Instagram-channel - @greenyard.stories to inspire end consumers on how to create delicious, more sustainable and healthy meals. The platform will also feature pure plant powered recipes by The Vegetables Chef® Frank Fol.
  • Together with Frank Fol and his network of top chefs, Greenyard will set up inspiration sessions for its own chefs and new product developers to jointly develop new products for Greenyard’s customers that meet consumer needs regarding pure-plant foods.
  • The upcoming Radilicious Book, an inspirational cookbook by We’re Smart - featuring the 20 best, European based plant-based chefs who share their vision on the future of food and several inspiring plant-based recipes – will open with a written foreword by Hein Deprez, founder and co-CEO of Greenyard.
  • The annual We're Smart Green Guide will be name sponsored by Greenyard. It is a culinary guide that features the world's top fruit and vegetable restaurants, ranked from 1 to 5 "Radishes". The We're Smart Awards also honour the best restaurants and organisations each year.

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About Greenyard

Greenyard (Euronext Brussels: GREEN) is a global market leader in fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants. Counting Europe’s leading retailers amongst its customer base, Greenyard offers efficient and sustainable solutions to customers and suppliers through best-in-class products, market leading innovation, operational excellence and outstanding service. Its vision is to make lives healthier by helping people enjoy fruit and vegetables at any moment, easy, fast and pleasurable, while fostering nature. With around 8 500 employees operating in 19 countries worldwide, Greenyard identifies its people, and customer and supplier relationships, as the key assets which enable it to deliver goods and services worth around € 4,4 billion per annum.