Culinary technique - Beignet and “poffertjes"

Beignet and “poffertjes"
Beignet and “poffertjes"

Vegetable beignet and “poffertjes" are made from a batter that incorporates the vegetables. So it's not a coating around vegetables, like tempura, but a real vegetable batter that is fried or baked. The batter is made with eggs, flour, milk or cream and seasoned according to preference. It is mixed with vegetable puree, vegetable soup or vegetable juice, and then fried in the special “poffertjes” pan or in the fryer.

  1. Clean and wash the vegetables. Cook them and drain them.
  2. Puree them with a hand blender and season.
  3. Make a batter and add the vegetable puree to it.
  4. Spoon the vegetable batter into a hot skillet, use special puffer molds or deep fry the batter. 

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