Culinary Technique - Pickling

Culinary Technique - Pickling
Culinary Technique - Pickling

Pickling with vinegar is a very ancient preserving technique, which has become trendy again today. Not really to preserve the vegetables, but because it gives them a fresh and tangy touch. All sorts of vegetables can be preserved in vinegar, from soft ones like tomatoes to hard ones like cabbage. 

A classic marinade is made with sugar, vinegar and water, herbs and spices. Sugar has the same role as salt here: it draws the moisture from the vegetable cells and gives them a crunchy texture. You can marinade the vegetables for a few hours, days or weeks. 

The vegetables “cook” in the marinade, which can be prepared hot or cold, and are then transferred to airtight jars. 

A classic example of pickles includes gherkins, cauliflower, carrots and baby onions in a vinegar and mustard sauce. 

  1. Clean and wash the vegetables. Use them raw or cook them. Chop them up as you prefer.
  2. Steep them in a mix of vinegar, sugar, water, herbs and spices (for a classic recipe). 

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