Culinary Technique - Espuma (Foam)

Culinary Technique - Espuma (Foam)
Culinary Technique - Espuma (Foam)

Vegetable foam, better known as espuma, was invented by Ferran Adrià, chef of the legendary restaurant El Bulli. He developed a technique that transforms vegetables or vegetable extracts into foam. To do this, he used a siphon equipped with gas cartridges. 

Adrià is a true master in his domain, creating espuma that tastes of seawater or smoke. He is one of the few chefs who can exploit the technique to its fullest. 

Espuma lends itself to great creative adventures. You might prefer savoury flavours, but also lighter or sweet variations. Espuma will never replace a dish, but rather adds to the taste experience as an ingredient in appetisers, starters or desserts. 

To prepare vegetable espuma, you need puréed vegetables mixed with cream and gelatine or another binding agent. The mix can also be seasoned with herbs or spices. Fill the syphon, pressurise it and let it cool properly in the refrigerator. Shake the syphon before using it, so that the gas is evenly distributed. 

  1. Clean and wash the vegetables. Cook and purée them.
  2. Mix the purée with cream and gelatine. Pour it into a syphon. 
  3. Cool it thoroughly in the refrigerator. 

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