Culinary technique - Air frying

Air frying

An air fryer is a small convection oven. It is used as an alternative to deep frying to fry food by using 80% less oil.
Air fryers usually have a removable cooking basket or tray where you place the food. Air frying differs from traditional baking because normal ovens use gas or electricity to produce heat. Air Fryers use rapid air technology to create heat. This makes the process quicker than normal convection ovens.

Air fryers cook food that would normally be cooked in oil. The air fryer's cooking chamber radiates heat from a heating elements near the food. A fan then moves the hot air around the food. The temperature in an air fryer varies depending on the model, but the heating chamber of a typical commercial air fryer can reach 250 degrees Celsius (482 degrees Fahrenheit).


Air frying is using an air fryer to cook your food by blowing hot air around it.

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