Culinary Technique - Risotto

Culinary Technique - Risotto
Culinary Technique - Risotto

To make a risotto, we combine equal parts of broth and risotto rice. When all the liquid is absorbed, we add more broth. There are two possible twists to this basic method:
First option
We can use a light soup instead of the broth. The process is the same as for an ordinary risotto, but we end up with a risotto that is naturally coloured and flavoured by the vegetables. 
Second option
Instead of rice, we can use diced or minced vegetables. Our “risotto” will have fewer carbohydrates and more vegetables. Just as for a classic risotto, we add an equal measure of broth or water to the vegetables, but the cooking time will be shorter. We need to make sure all the water evaporates. We should begin cooking with the hard vegetables, then add any softer vegetables towards the end of the cooking process. 



  1. Prepare a light soup as you prefer.
  2. Stew the rice briefly in olive oil without browning it, then add an equal measure of very hot soup. Stir regularly. 
  3. Season the risotto (with herbs, cheese and butter) and serve it with your choice of garnishing.


  1. Clean and wash the vegetables. Dice them finely (brunoise).
  2. Cook the vegetables by progressively adding very hot soup.
  3. Season the risotto and serve.

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